Watch Jordan Klepper fool Trumpsters into signing a petition to "impeach Hillary"

"The Opposition" host passes around a petition at a Trump rally to impeach Clinton, who holds no public office

By Rachel Leah
September 13, 2017 4:04PM (UTC)
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The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper (YouTube/Comedy Central)

Jordan Klepper continues to release teasers for his new Comedy Central show "The Opposition". A take on the paranoid, right-wing conspiracy theorists that live on Breitbart, Infowars and Fox News, the show promises hold up a mirror to the America where we still debate the reality of "paid protestors, Obama’s birth certificate, and the certainty that CNN is fake news,” Comedy Deadline reports.

Now, finally, we're seeing the first footage of Klepper engaging in his signature, wide-eyed, trolling man-on-the-street interviews, this time in full character as the frothing, Alex Jones-like character that also just happens to be named "Jordan Klepper". Here, he attends a pro-Trump rally in Phoenix, ranting in concert with supporters about their favorite topics: Barack Obama, the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton.


"What is the message that isn't getting out there?" Klepper asks a pair of young men, one of whom is of color. "You can only be white and be conservative, that's not the case," he responds. "You can be any skin color, any race, it doesn't matter." "You can vote against your own interests, it's the American way," Klepper responds. They both nod emphatically, "It's the American way, exactly."

"These people know who the real threat to democracy is," Klepper says about the crowd. "Hillary Clinton, public enemy number one." Klepper then asks attendees to sign a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton. Many oblige happily. Klepper then gives out "Impeach Hillary" t-shirts and whips up the crowd with chants of "impeach Hillary". Currently, Clinton does not hold any public office.

Of course, that matters little to Trump fans. When Klepper asks a Trump supporter how to deal with the "Clinton situation," she responds swiftly "Bury her."


The premiere date of "The Opposition," September 25, can't come soon enough. See the whole clip below.


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