Journalist points out ridiculous hypocrisy of treatment of Sean Spicer and Hillary Clinton

Sean Spicer is welcomed. Hillary Clinton is shunned

By Jeremy Binckes
September 19, 2017 11:22AM (UTC)
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Sean Spicer's Emmys cameo on Sunday left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouths. And as it was readily apparent that Spicer was beginning a comeback tour, to a group of people who were willing to embrace him, albeit with some light hazing, there was an elephant in the room to address.

Why wasn't the same treatment being given to Hillary Clinton? The former Democratic presidential nominee has been on a book tour, partly to explain what happened in the wake of endless speculation about how she lost. But, as journalist Lauren Duca noted in a tweetstorm, she hasn't been given warm treatments on her return to the spotlight as Spicer has.


Duca has a very good point here: If Hillary Clinton is poison for public policy, and if her ideas were discredited, and if she should fade from the public eye, why can't the same be said for Spicer, the press secretary who fed lies to the American people?


In other words, what makes Spicer better than Clinton?

Jeremy Binckes

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