Scott Pruitt shifts on climate change: "How much do we contribute to it?"

The head of the EPA now says that humans may be responsible for climate change

By Jarrett Lyons
September 19, 2017 6:00PM (UTC)
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On Fox News Tuesday morning, Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt finally admitted that humans contribute to climate change, but he is still skeptical about the degree to which human activity affects the environment.

“No one questions that the climate changes. No one questions that we contribute to it in some way. That’s not the question overall," Pruitt said in the interview.


"The question is as we look as this issue, how much do we contribute to it, and what can we do about it,” he said.

Earlier this month, Pruitt said that debating causes of the hurricanes would be insensitive to those rebuilding: 'To have any kind of focus on the cause and effect of the storm; versus helping people, or actually facing the effect of the storm, is misplaced."

But now Pruitt seems open to dialogue and says that he intends to open a debate between scientists on both sides of the climate change argument.


“Bring scientists in, red team scientists, blue team scientists, have a discussion about the importance of this issue,” he said. “The American people deserve that type of objective, transparent discussion.”

Though Pruitt intends to open up dialogue about climate change, he doubled down on President Donald Trump's intention to withdraw from the Paris Accord, which would potentially be a way to ebb the effects human action has on the environment. He confirmed that allocations to the Green Climate Fund, a direct result of the accord, have already ceased.

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that a handful of climate deniers appears on a list of 132 potential candidates for places on the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board.


Trump has repeatedly denied climate change on Twitter.

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