Trevor Noah breaks down Donald Trump's crude tweets

The late-night comedian suggested Trump's mean tweets were a fair trade-off after his deals with Democrats

Charlie May
September 19, 2017 12:00PM (UTC)

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah said President Donald Trump's crude tweets that sometimes contain memes or GIFs might not be "the worst thing in the world," because he may be giving the public a fair trade-off.

"Have you noticed that Trump sent out these tweets right as he started making deals with the Democrats?" Noah asked. "Protecting Dreamers, raising the debt ceiling, postponing the wall."


"Right now, Trump's base is furious with him," Noah said. "So, to make them happy, he throws them a mean GIF or two."

The late-night comedian added, " I don't know about you, but I feel like this is a trade that I can live with. Trump gives his followers offensive tweets, and then he gives the rest of America policies that move the country forward."

Trump's latest Twitter tirade on Sunday morning angered many after he retweeted a GIF that showed him hitting a golf ball into the back of Hillary Clinton. This is hardly the first time he's tweeted something like this; in July, he tweeted a GIF that depicted him tackling CNN in a WWE skit.


The reality, however, is far different than Noah had described. When Democratic leaders made a deal with Trump on DACA in exchange for the protection of Dreamers, the trade-off may be the bolstering of a massive border security plan.

Charlie May

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