5 most laughable celeb guests invited on Fox News to talk politics

Just what exactly qualifies Fabio to discuss state government policy?

Published September 25, 2017 3:18PM (EDT)

 (Tucker Carlson Tonight/YouTube/Screen Grab)
(Tucker Carlson Tonight/YouTube/Screen Grab)

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Apparently Fox News thinks Jimmy Kimmel is unqualified to talk about politics. After the comedian passionately denounced the Graham-Cassidy bill on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade dismissed Kimmel as unqualified to talk about politics and called him a mere member of the "Hollywood elite."

Well, that just opens up a hilarious bucket of worms. The hypocrites at Fox News must be out of their minds if they think they’re setting a shining example of qualified talking heads. Quite the opposite. Let’s review the “experts” Fox has brought on in recent years, in descending order of how likely they are to make you say, “Why the hell is this person speaking on a politics show?”

1. Fabio: He was bizarrely called on to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show in April 2017 to discuss how “liberalism is leading to California’s collapse.”

2. Chuck Norris: Norris has been a frequent guest on Fox shows for the past decade. In 2012, he used his political savvy and experience — no doubt cultivated by roles in movies like “Lone Wolf McQuade” — to make baseless claims to Bill O’Reilly’s viewers like, “What has happened is the Democrats have gone farther left, and the Republicans have gone to where the Democrats were 40 years ago.”

3. Gene Simmons: “He’s a serious and successful businessman,” Simmons' Fox and Friends host said, and, “He’s got a lot to say about about public policy, from health care to taxes.”

4. Tim Allen: Megyn Kelly praised the Home Improvement actor, saying, “You’re one of the few conservatives in Hollywood. The viewers may not know, you had to go underground. It’s very brave of you. You’re out of the closet as a conservative.”

5. Scott Baio: Late in the 2016 presidential race, Baio, a proud Trump supporter, defended Trump’s endorsement of sexual assault in a leaked Access Hollywood video to Fox’s Jeanine Pirro. ‘Ladies out there,” he said, “this is what guys talk about when you’re not around. So if you’re offended by it, grow up.”

Rejected (yet still highly questionable and absurd) candidates for stupidest talking heads on Fox can be seen here:

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