NFL fans booed players for kneeling before national anthem and standing for it

NFL players tried to show support for the cause while not disrespecting the flag, but fans booed anyway

Published October 1, 2017 3:48PM (EDT)

 (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Football fans booed NFL players on Sunday even though they stood during the national anthem. Their jeers were directed at the demonstrations that took place before the anthem was played and the flag was displayed.

In week four of the NFL, some teams decided to make a pre-anthem statement by taking a knee before "The Star Spangled Banner" played. Players believed that this was an appropriate compromise to appease fans who were upset with the protests during the anthem.

But their new demonstration apparently did not satisfy fans. In Baltimore, Ravens fans poured boos down on their favorite players for taking a unified stance before the anthem. The Ravens took a moment just before the anthem played to celebrate "kindness, unity, equality and justice for all Americans."

This was seen as a divisive act by some fans, who made their voices heard during the demonstration.

The Ravens were mimicking a move the Dallas Cowboys made last Monday before their game's national anthem. They too heard boos, to the dismay of ESPN host Scott Van Pelt.

During "Sports Center" last Monday, Pelt told his audience that he those boos were exactly what the players protesting.

"If this is something that upsets you, you are just going to be mad. And no conversation can take place if you are just want to be mad," Pelt said.  This was before the anthem and what they did was booed. So if the anthem wasn't being played, and the flag wasn't being displayed, and you were angry at that then what are you mad about?

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