Watch a White House correspondent all but call the president a liar to his face

The president keeps repeating the same falsehood about U.S. taxes

By Chris Sosa

Published October 18, 2017 10:12AM (EDT)

 (Twitter/Mike Sacks)
(Twitter/Mike Sacks)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

Scripps political correspondent Mike Sacks walked right up to President Donald Trump and confronted him about his repeated tax lie that the U.S. is the "highest taxed" nation in the world.

“With the credibility you need to pass tax reform, why did you say it?" Sacks asked Trump, after telling him that his untrue tax claim was "seen as objectively false."

“Some people will say it differently. They’ll say we’re the highest developed nation taxed in the world," Trump responded."

"Then why don't say it that way?" Sacks shot back.

Watch the amazing exchange below.

Chris Sosa

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