It's much easier to carry an extra battery when it's compact enough to fit in your wallet

Get a charge while on the move at lightning speed — and at 66% off its normal price for Salon readers

Published October 24, 2017 2:37PM (EDT)

We've all been stuck on the road with a phone dying at 3% — and it's never a good feeling. Whether you need to make a call, reference an email or get directions, we rely on our phones and devices for a whole slew of activities. With this LithiumCard Wallet Battery, you'll never be caught without a full battery again — no outlet necessary.

This ultra-slim battery packs a ton of power into a package no thicker than five credit cards. Crafted from a sleek billet aluminum housing, it charges devices at up to a lightning-fast 1% of battery life per minute, so you can get some juice and get going.

Featuring a built-in Lightning connector and two flip-out charging cables, you can charge your iOS devices and Lithium card simultaneously. And thanks to the compact design, you can easily stick this battery in your pocket — and pull it out for all those times you'd need it most.

It's safe to say this portable battery is charging perfection: usually, the LithiumCard Wallet Battery is $59.99, but you can get it now for $20, or 66% off the usual price.

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