Donald Trump Jr. used his child to attack liberals — and it backfired in a big way

Trump Jr. tried to teach his daughter a lesson about socialism, but only proved he doesn't understand Halloween

By Taylor Link
November 1, 2017 1:47PM (UTC)
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It was only appropriate that Donald Trump Jr. joked on Twitter Tuesday that he would teach his daughter a lesson about the tenets of socialism. The whole point of trick-or-treating, after all, is that children get free candy from their neighbors. In Trump-like fashion, however, the president's eldest son said he would be taking half of his 3-year-old daughter's Halloween candy because it's never too "early to teach her about socialism."

"I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to [sic] early to teach her about socialism," Trump Jr. tweeted.


Trump Jr.'s shot at socialism caused a commotion on Twitter, as liberals pointed out that Halloween wasn't exactly a holiday that celebrates unadulterated capitalism.

Others on Twitter mocked the Republican Party's platform.

Trump Jr.'s Halloween joke wasn’t the first time he used candy to make an argument online, the Boston Globe noted on Wednesday. During his father's 2016 presidential campaign, Trump Jr. compared the Syrian refugee crisis to a bowl of Skittles


“If I had a bowl of skittles [sic] and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful?” he wrote. “That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

Trump Jr. celebrated the quasi-socialist holiday Tuesday by dressing up as his father.

Taking it to the next level #merica #maga #halloween #costume #nyc #kids #trump

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