"When I say Russia, you say Clinton": Brian Stelter and Kellyanne Conway go at it in interview

The host of CNN's "Reliable Sources" was having none of Conway's constant spinning

By Taylor Link
Published November 5, 2017 5:54PM (UTC)
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Kellyanne Conway (AP/Alex Brandon)

When CNN's Brian Stelter told his Twitter followers this week that Kellyanne Conway would be coming on his show, "Reliable Sources," he received some backlash as many called it a waste of time — all Conway does is spin.

This proved to be true Sunday, when Stelter and Conway engaged in a heated debate about the untrustworthiness of the Trump administration and the media's coverage of its short tenure.

Stelter brought up the elephant in the room, the Russia investigation that has been plaguing the Trump White House. Conway immediately deflected from the topic, choosing instead to talk about the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

"There was this feeling of inevitably and smugness over in Brooklyn that they didn't have to campaign on the issues, that they didn't have to campaign hard," Conway said. "So there would be no reason to talk to Moscow."

"I think viewers see what you are doing: pivoting," Stelter responded. "When I say Russia, you say Clinton. It's part of a strategy. Do you agree?"

Conway, through gritted teeth, said that the she would "be happy" not to talk about the election again, but insisted the reason "we are still talking about it is the DNC and Hillary Clinton is on her book tour."

Conway had. a lot of complaints directed at CNN, who she accused of being "anti-Trump." “You’re a very prominent person there,” she told Stelter. “Just say, you know, ‘we’re doing better in the ratings, we’re getting better ad revenues because we’re one of the more anti-Trump than down-the-line outlets.’ Just own it! I think it’s okay to do that.” Stelter responded, “We’re not anti-Trump, Kellyanne. We’re pro-truth. We are pro-honesty. We’re pro-decency, and this is a tough moment in American history for people that support facts and decency.”

Stelter later tried asking Conway about Trump's tax returns, arguing that it would be a sign of good faith and transparency if the White House released them to the general public. Conway tried to change the conversation to the GOP's tax bill, which she says will bring tax cuts for middle-class Americans.

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