12 essential current events podcasts

Don't have time to read all of your news feeds every day? Listen to these shows instead

By Ma'ayan Plaut
November 12, 2017 8:00PM (UTC)
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Stay up-to-date with these 12 daily news podcasts, covering headlines and deep dives on both national and international scale, researched and reported by a mix of hosts who know what it takes to routinely share the news of the day.

1. “World Update: Daily Commute”


BBC’s Dan Damon presents a daily digest of UK, Europe and international news.

2. “The Daily Zeitgeist”

A comedic and journalistic look at the daily news cycle from Cracked’s co-founder Jack O’Brien and HowStuffWorks.

3. “theNewsworthy”

“theSkimm of Podcasts” -- ten minute daily dispatches from former TV news reporter Erica Mandy, available daily at 4 a.m. ET.


4. “The Daily”

Host Michael Barbaro is joined by New York Times journalists to examine one story, in depth, each day.

5. “The FOX News Rundown”

A trio of FOX News cohosts goes beyond the daily headlines with help from the FOX news channel team.

6. “Up First”


NPR’s answer to a quick start to your morning with a ten-minute look at the day’s stories.

7. “The VICE Guide to Right Now”

VICE does a daily podcast the best way they know how: examining the modern condition through interesting people, news, subcultures and rituals.


8. “The Daily 202’s Big Idea”

The Washington Post’s daily political analysis podcast with host James Hohmann.

9. “Business Daily”

This BBC newscast covers one need-to-know business story each day.

10. “PRI’s The World”

A daily news program that covers a breadth of national and international headlines.


11. “Marketplace”

How business and economic news is affecting our lives, guided by host Kai Ryssdal.

12. “Global News Podcast”

A twice-daily look at the day’s top stories from around the world.

13. “The Outline World Dispatch”

Monday through Thursday coverage of current and ever-lasting topics of power, culture and the future.


For more audio collections like this, check out RadioPublic’s guide. Begin listening to the most recent episodes here, or download the RadioPublic app for iOS or Android to follow the shows from any of these links.

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