This giant CMYK gradient jigsaw puzzle is an awesome brain-teaser

Get immersed in this trippy brain teaser of a puzzle — which also makes a great gift for your stoner friends

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Published November 13, 2017 9:39PM (UTC)
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For some, solving puzzles might be a soothing past time that allows the mind to relax — but those people clearly haven't tried messing around with this Clemens Habicht's Colour Puzzles: 1000 Vibrating Colours Puzzle.



While most puzzles organize themselves around a simple, linear image, this Clemens puzzle is a different beast entirely: it's a test of patience, process and attention to detail as you try to put this one together. Made out of the 1,000 colors that comprise the giant CMYK gradient (yep, you guessed it — one shade for each tile), you won't have the luxury of a composite image to focus on. Rather, you'll need to consider how each color flows into the next.

This version throws another wrench into the wheel: it places a secondary complimentary color gamut over the first in a polka dot figure/ground relationship. The result is a totally cool kinetic visual effect where the dots vibrate and float as your perception of color is disoriented.

Can fun also be a little frustrating? We think so. Usually, this Clemens Habicht's Colour Puzzles: 1000 Vibrating Colours Puzzle is $49.99, but you can get it now for $35.99.

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