15 indispensable policy podcasts

These shows will keep you educated on local, national and international policy approaches to the big issues

Published November 19, 2017 10:30AM (EST)


Rules and laws govern our day-to-day lives. This set of podcasts look at local, national and international perspectives on health, security, education, food, environment and energy policies.

1. “The Impact”

Vox’s exploration of the human impact of policy-making: what works, what doesn’t and the adjustments made as the world starts operating differently under new rules.

2. “Politico’s Pulse Check”

Weekly discussions with influential people in health care provide depth to health care policy creation and action.

3. “PolicyCast”

The Harvard Kennedy School’s weekly look at public policy, governance, and leadership.

4. “The Brookings Cafeteria”

Deep-dive interviews with foreign policy, economic, environmental and educational researchers from non-profit think tank the Brookings Institution.

5. “Bombshell”

Pour yourself a drink and join three women wonks of foreign policy, military strategy and national security for a conversation, complete with a reading list based on the discussion.

6. “Global Dispatches”

Twice weekly updates on world affairs: ideas and influences that shaped foreign policy experts and their work, interspersed with topical news-driven interviews.

7. “15 Minutes”

Interviews with global intelligence and security experts, brought to you by The Cipher Brief.

8. “Rational Security”

An insider perspective on national and cyber security and foreign policy, moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s Shane Harris.

9. “The Policy Scout”

Five fast facts episodes break up the otherwise twice monthly episodes of bipartisan policy examination.

10. “The CSIS Podcast”
Host Colm Quinn from the Center for Strategic and International Studies provides weekly perspective into the U.S. foreign policy debate.

11. “Pod Save the World”

Host Tommy Vietor, former spokesperson for the U.S. National Security Council, takes listeners inside the situation room with conversations with people who were there.

12. “The President’s Inbox”

The issues topping the president’s list of foreign policy challenges, as examined by the Council on Foreign Relations.

13. “The Climate Minute”

Up-to-date news on climate change, renewable energy and progress on energy policy.

14. “Local Energy Rules”

An examination of energy policy and its effects at the local level.

15. “Eating Matters”

Discussions of the food policies shaping our shopping, cooking and eating experiences.

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