Eat these podcasts: 12 delicious shows about food history

From “Modernist BreadCrumbs” to the secret lives of taquerias, these shows take you on a journey beyond the plate

Published December 2, 2017 3:00PM (EST)


Each bite we take has been on quite a journey, whether we get our food from the garden, farmers market or grocery store. These 12 food history podcasts circumnavigate the earth and travel through time to provide perspective into what makes it onto our plates.

1. “The Feast”

All the best (and most interesting) meals from the past, from mythological meals to illicit space snacks.

2. “Food Non-Fiction”

Incredible stories of edible things — small bite journalism around popular treats, toppings and tasty creations.

3. “Gastropod”

History and science mingle in "Gastropod," hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley. The two go back in time and venture into the farms and food spaces of the present to better understand our world through the foods we eat.

4. “A Taste of the Past”

A culinary history tour, accompanied by researchers, authors and culinary chroniclers.

5. “Modernist BreadCrumbs”

Bread, in all its age-old simplicity and complexity, examined from the crumb to the crust.

6. “The Secret Ingredient”

The human condition, explored through the foods we grow, buy, cook and eat.

7. "Eat This Podcast"

The social, geographical and economic backgrounds to the agriculture, preparation and production of food culture.

8. “Tacocity”

The history of tacos and taquerias, as examined through a U.S. food tour. (Bonus: stick through the whole thing and there’s a step-by-step taco preparation to round out the episode.)

9. “Hungry Squared: Where the brain and belly meet"

A jaunt into the nerdier side of food, including food science, food history and food design.

10. “Follow the Crumbs”

A chatty around-the-world tour touching upon the complex histories of foods and where and how they migrated.

11. “Shots of History”

The history behind classic cocktails, along with interviews with the people who mix them.

12. “Hungry”

A balanced diet of multiple course food history episodes, small “bites” of historical food tidbits and food memories from strangers.

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