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Published December 4, 2017 4:00AM (EST)

Always wanted to learn a new language? We can't blame you: people who can speak a second or a third language not only greatly increase their hiring potential for new jobs but can relocate or work international jobs with more proficiency. With this 24-month subscription to Rosetta Stone, you can learn a new language without needing a traditional classroom setting or tremendous amounts of time.

Rosetta Stone developed an intuitive, immersive method to have you reading, writing, and speaking like a native in no time. Their strategy is based on the same way people learn a language as a child — first by matching words with images, before moving on to more interactive lessons, like developing conversational skills.

Just like someone is teaching you directly, Rosetta Stone uses speech recognition technology to evaluate and improve your accent with instant feedback, analyzing the words you say at a clip of 100 times per second. You'll end up having a total command of your desired language — you can even use the advanced speech engine to compare your accent to native speakers.

It's never too late to learn: usually, 24 month access to Rosetta Stone is $249, but you can get it now for $179.

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