Like a workout, but for your resume: Excel bootcamp

Drop and give me 20 spreadsheets! Business-minded people need this numbers-crunching course

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Published December 6, 2017 1:27PM (EST)

These days, there are endless amounts of data that businesses need to analyze in order to improve operations and increase profit. And aside from the rise of positions in data analysis, anyone with the ability to crunch numbers to work more effectively is a valuable asset in any organization — that's why this Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp is a must for anyone looking to advance themselves in a business environment.

This bootcamp includes four different courses and 69 hours of content that will have you manipulating data like a pro, advancing your understanding of how to use Excel as a problem-solving tool. Learn to create, dissect and augment data without even breaking a sweat — helping you make better-informed business decisions.

You'll start by learning Excel's 38 core functions, before moving on to more advanced concepts like spreadsheet automation, all with the help of 160 video tutorials. You'll even learn business analysis techniques like how to collect, analyze and forecast data, before moving on to making sense of large datasets with pivot tables.

Stand out from the rest of your colleagues and gain a skill set sure to impress any manager: usually this Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp is $249, but you can get it now for $35, or 85% off the usual price.

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