"Saturday Night Live" tackles a very Donald Trump Christmas

"We're going to get away with everything!"

By Jeremy Binckes

Published December 17, 2017 7:58AM (EST)

 (YouTube/Saturday Night Live)
(YouTube/Saturday Night Live)

Saturday The first family is in the holiday spirit on "Saturday Night Live."

NBC's late-night sketch show imagined what decorations were worthy of going on President Donald Trump's  Christmas tree this year — the haters and losers that the Trump inner circle has deemed to see fit to hang on the "tree of shame."

The sketch was a perfect opportunity for the cast — in the final show of 2017 — to show off the impressions of a White House that has given them ample fodder this year and beyond.

The largest, role, of course, went to Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump, who captured the president's most notable attributes: His short-sighted vindictive streak that may lead the U.S. into war.

"The war on Christmas is over," Trump announced to the world. "It will soon be replaced by the war on North Korea."

After announcing what he was able to accomplish, he relished the ability to point out just how much he can do his job.

"Now I can sit settle down and be super presidential," he said, noting the things he'd do now that his tax cut "might even make me a real billionaire." "That is until Don Lemon says something mean about me, and I tweet the actual n-word."

The administration — featuring Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway and Jeff Sessions; Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders; Brett Bennett as Mike Pence; and a Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump — got digs into the people who have made the president's first year difficult before being cast aside, as well as those whose influence is likely to be seen in the year to come.

Also making a cameo were Trump's sons — Donald Trump Jr. and Eric ("Derek," as he called himself) — and one ousted campaign aide who just can't help but stay out of the spotlight.

Watch the clip below:

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