This innovative belt is designed with zero holes for maximum comfort

It sounds impossible, but it's technologically feasible, and really comfortable. Here's why

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Published December 18, 2017 2:45PM (EST)

The worst part about owning a belt is being in between sizes — instead of being forced into a too-tight or too-loose fit, these Trakline Belts by Kore Essentials are designed for the perfect fit, every single time.

These belts feature no belt holes at all — instead, the belt is made out of an indestructible track with 40 sizing points running along it in 1/4" increments. That gives you extremely specific adjustability, so you can stay looking sharp during the holidays — even if you did decide to have a few extra sugar cookies this year.

In order to release or adjust the belt, it's even easier than fiddling with a traditional belt: all you need to do is pinch the small tab under the buckle. One size fits every waist from 24" to 44", and the belt still features the superior top-grain leather of a traditional belt. Need a holiday party trick? The underside of the buckle can open bottle tops — or be removed entirely to pass through metal detectors during holiday travel.

It's the perfect gift for the stylish gent in your life: usually, the Trakline Belts by Kore Essentials are $49.95, but you can get one here for $39.99.

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