There's no way African-Americans are warming to Trump

Mix one flawed poll with one enthusiastic Fox News anchor and one gullible viewer in the White House

By D. Watkins
Published January 16, 2018 4:05PM (EST)
 (Getty/Mandel Ngan)
(Getty/Mandel Ngan)

My guilty pleasure is checking President Donald Trump's Twitter feed, for laughs.

On those darkest days, his half-baked logic, his childish rants and his never-ending supply of cheap shots at the most random of people make for great comedy. But today, while the president watched Fox News during his "executive time," I think he may have lost his mind.

This entire collection of characters — everything written in his phone — is fake news. I’m a black person and I know a bunch of black people. I feel like I know more black people than the average black person. Most of us rarely agree on any issue, and sometimes my friends and I argue over just for the sake of arguing. But, in addition to our skin there's one thing that unites us all:

Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of the world.

That's what makes Trump's claim even more surprising. Because even though he was watching as Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade referenced a Breitbart article by Neil Munro — claiming that Donald Trump’s support among blacks has doubled since 2016 Trump should have known that something was wrong.

“Believe it or not, through all this negative coverage,” Kilmeade said, “They did a survey of 600,000 people about how black America views this president. His numbers have actually doubled in approval. It’s still low — it’s around 25 percent — but it’s doubled since the election.”

The problem with Kilmeade's statement is that 600,000 black people weren’t asked that question. As explained in the Washington Post, the poll was a terrible one because it violated a billion laws of statistics. Still, Kilmeade put a spin on the Breitbart article to make it look like African Americans were supporting Trump — when they weren't. Fox News sampled a fraction, thirsty for a victory and walked away treating Trump like the king of diversity.

African-American unemployment fell 1 percentage point under Trump. And black people aren’t dancing and celebrating in the streets. We'll wait until 2020 for that, when record numbers of African-Americans will unite against him. I guarantee that, in a few years, he will get the lowest percentage of the black vote since the 15th Amendment.


D. Watkins

D. Watkins is an Editor at Large for Salon. He is also a professor at the University of Baltimore and founder of the BMORE Writers Project. Watkins is the author of the New York Times best-selling memoirs “The Beast Side: Living  (and Dying) While Black in America” and "The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir." His latest book, "We Speak For Ourselves: A Word From Forgotten Black America," is out now.

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