How every member of Congress responded to Trump’s “s**thole” remark

The results largely fit into three categories: condemn, support, or no response

Published January 19, 2018 9:45AM (EST)

 (Getty/Chris Kleponis)
(Getty/Chris Kleponis)

The word “shithole” has been in the news a lot lately, proving we can still sink lower in our national discourse. The word allegedly came out of Trump’s mouth when describing countries such as Haiti and several African countries, lamenting that we don’t get enough immigrants from Norway.

Several members of Congress have spoken out against Trump and some have even defended him. The timing of the disgusting, and somewhat-though-not-really contested comment about “shithole” countries, just days before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, can’t have helped, and “shithole” has remained in the news, an unwelcome distraction from more important Congressional business such as budget talks and DACA.

Trump’s “shithole” comment is, in some respects, just the latest in a series of disrespectful and racist remarks he has made while in office. However, this one seems different. Trump and his remarks have been condemned by the UN and the African Union, among other international organizations and countries. While Trump is known for saying offensive and outlandish things, this time, the rest of the world seems to have had enough.

Back home, a majority of people recently surveyed say they believe Trump’s comment was racist. In a recent Chicago Tribune article, the author has asked us all to examine ourselves and our reaction to Trump’s comment, arguing that this comment in particular provides defining moment in our lives, a clear picture into who we are as people. It is a good question: where do you stand? How did you react?

Another good question: How did your Congressional representatives react?

Midterm elections are coming up and you might want to know how your representatives responded to Trump’s “shithole” comment before you head to the voting booth. So, here’s a handy guide for you. This guide was compiled from news stories, and from trawling through Senators and House of Representatives’ Facebook and Twitter accounts through Thursday morning (thanks to John Slack, my long-suffering research assistant). Senators marked with an asterisk are up for reelection in 2018. All members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election in 2018.

The results largely fit into three categories: condemn, support, or no response. Where we felt it necessary, we added a bit of nuance to the response; some support or condemnation was weak. We also provided links for all statements of support or condemnation, and, if noted by a newspaper or other publication that a member of Congress did not respond to Trump’s comment, we included a link for that, as well.

Going through the social media accounts of so many members of Congress was certainly enlightening. Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, the responses largely seem to fall within party lines; Democrats were more likely to condemn, and Republicans were more likely to ignore or even support Trump’s comment. The full results are below. Use them in good health.


  • Jones, Doug (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Shelby, Richard C. (R–Sen.): No response
  • Aderholt, Robert (R–HR): No response
  • Brooks, Mo (R–HR): No response
  • Byrne, Bradley (R–HR): No response
  • Palmer, Gary (R–HR): No response
  • Roby, Martha (R–HR): No response
  • Rogers, Mike (R–HR): No response
  • Sewell, Terri A. (D–HR): Condemn


  • Murkowski, Lisa (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Sullivan, Dan (R–Sen.): No response
  • Young, Don (R–HR): No response

American Samoa:

  • Radewagen, Amata (R–HR): No response


  • Flake, Jeff (R–Sen.): Condemn (retiring)
  • McCain, John (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Biggs, Andy (R–HR): Support
  • Gallego, Ruben (D–HR): Condemn
  • Gosar, Paul A. (R–HR): Sidestep/no response
  • Grijalva, Raul (D–HR): Condemn
  • McSally, Martha (R–HR): Support
  • O'Halleran, Tom (D–HR): No response
  • Schweikert, David (R–HR): No response
  • Sinema, Kyrsten (D–HR): No response


  • Boozman, John (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Cotton, Tom (R–Sen.): Support (no memory of what happened but blames Democrats)
  • Crawford, Rick (R–HR): No response
  • Hill, French (R–HR): No response
  • Westerman, Bruce (R–HR): No response
  • Womack, Steve (R–HR): Support


  • *Feinstein, Dianne (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Harris, Kamala D. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Aguilar, Pete (D–HR): No response
  • Barragán, Nanette (D–HR): No response
  • Bass, Karen (D–HR): Condemn
  • Bera, Ami (D–HR): No response
  • Brownley, Julia (D–HR): Condemn
  • Calvert, Ken (R–HR): No response
  • Carbajal, Salud (D–HR): Condemn
  • Cárdenas, Tony (D–HR): Condemn
  • Chu, Judy (D–HR): Condemn
  • Cook, Paul (R–HR): No response
  • Correa, J. Luis (D–HR): No response
  • Costa, Jim (D–HR): No response
  • Davis, Susan (D–HR): No response
  • Denham, Jeff (R–HR): No response
  • DeSaulnier, Mark (D–HR): Condemn
  • Eshoo, Anna G. (D–HR): No response
  • Garamendi, John (D–HR): Condemn
  • Gomez, Jimmy (D–HR): Condemn
  • Huffman, Jared (D–HR): No response
  • Hunter, Duncan D. (R–HR): No response
  • Issa, Darrell (R–HR): No response
  • Khanna, Ro (D–HR): Condemn
  • Knight, Steve (R–HR): Condemn
  • LaMalfa, Doug (R–HR): No response
  • Lee, Barbara (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lieu, Ted (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lofgren, Zoe (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lowenthal, Alan (D–HR): Condemn
  • Matsui, Doris O. (D–HR): Condemn
  • McCarthy, Kevin (R–HR): No response
  • McClintock, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • McNerney, Jerry (D–HR): No response
  • Napolitano, Grace (D–HR): Condemn
  • Nunes, Devin (R–HR): No response
  • Panetta, Jimmy (D–HR): Condemn
  • Pelosi, Nancy (D–HR): Condemn
  • Peters, Scott (D–HR): Condemn
  • Rohrabacher, Dana (R–HR): No response
  • Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D–HR): Condemn
  • Royce, Ed (R–HR): No response
  • Ruiz, Raul (D–HR): No response
  • Sánchez, Linda (D–HR): Condemn
  • Schiff, Adam (D–HR): Condemn
  • Sherman, Brad (D–HR): Condemn
  • Speier, Jackie (D–HR): Condemn
  • Swalwell, Eric (D–HR): Condemn
  • Takano, Mark (D–HR): Condemn
  • Thompson, Mike (D–HR): Condemn
  • Torres, Norma (D–HR): Condemn
  • Valadao, David (R–HR): No response
  • Vargas, Juan (D–HR): Condemn
  • Walters, Mimi (R–HR): No response
  • Waters, Maxine (D–HR): Condemn



  • Blumenthal, Richard (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • *Murphy, Christopher (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Courtney, Joe (D–HR): Condemn
  • DeLauro, Rosa L. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Esty, Elizabeth (D–HR): Condemn
  • Himes, Jim (D–HR): Condemn
  • Larson, John B. (D–HR): Condemn


  • *Carper, Thomas R. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Coons, Christopher A. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Blunt Rochester, Lisa (D–HR): No response

District of Columbia

  • Norton, Eleanor Holmes (D–HR): No response


  • *Nelson, Bill (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Rubio, Marco (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Bilirakis, Gus M. (R–HR): No response
  • Buchanan, Vern (R–HR): Condemn
  • Castor, Kathy (D–HR): Condemn
  • Crist, Charlie (D–HR): No response
  • Curbelo, Carlos (R–HR): Condemn
  • Demings, Val (D–HR): Condemn
  • DeSantis, Ron (R–HR): No response
  • Deutch, Ted (R–HR): Condemn
  • Diaz-Balart, Mario (R–HR): Sidestepped/No response
  • Dunn, Neal (R–HR): No response
  • Frankel, Lois (D–HR): Condemn
  • Gaetz, Matt (R–HR): Support
  • Hastings, Alcee L. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lawson, Al (D–HR): No response
  • Mast, Brian (R–HR): No response
  • Murphy, Stephanie (D–HR): No response
  • Posey, Bill (R–HR): No response
  • Rooney, Francis (R–HR): No response
  • Rooney, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R–HR): Condemn
  • Ross, Dennis (R–HR): No response
  • Rutherford, John (R–HR): No response
  • Soto, Darren (D–HR): Condemn
  • Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (D–HR): Condemn
  • Webster, Daniel (R–HR): No response
  • Wilson, Frederica (D–HR): Condemn
  • Yoho, Ted (R–HR): No response


  • Isakson, Johnny (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Perdue, David (R–Sen.): Support (no memory of what happened)
  • Allen, Rick (R–HR): No response
  • Bishop Jr., Sanford D. (D–HR): No response
  • Carter, Buddy (R–HR): No response
  • Collins, Doug (R–HR): No response
  • Ferguson, A. Drew (R–HR): No response
  • Graves, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • Handel, Karen C. (R–HR): No response
  • Hice, Jody (R–HR): No response
  • Johnson, Henry C. "Hank" Jr. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lewis, John (D–HR): Condemn
  • Loudermilk, Barry (R–HR): No response
  • Scott, Austin (R–HR): No response
  • Scott, David (D–HR): No response
  • Woodall, Robert (R–HR): No response


  • Bordallo, Madeleine (D–HR): No response


  • *Hirono, Mazie K. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Schatz, Brian (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Gabbard, Tulsi (D–HR): Condemn
  • Hanabusa, Colleen (D–HR): Condemn


  • Crapo, Mike (R–Sen.): No response
  • Risch, James E. (R–Sen.): No response
  • Labrador, Raul R. (R–HR): No response
  • Simpson, Mike (R–HR): Condemn



  • *Donnelly, Joe (D–Sen.): No response
  • Young, Todd (R–Sen.): No response
  • Banks, Jim (R–HR): No response
  • Brooks, Susan W. (R–HR): Weakly condemn
  • Bucshon, Larry (R–HR): No response
  • Carson, André (D–HR): Condemn
  • Hollingsworth, Trey (R–HR): No response
  • Messer, Luke (R–HR): Refused to respond
  • Rokita, Todd (R–HR): Support
  • Visclosky, Peter (D–HR): No response
  • Walorski, Jackie (R–HR): No response


  • Ernst, Joni (R–Sen.): No response
  • Grassley, Chuck (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Blum, Rod (R–HR): No response
  • King, Steve (R–HR): Support
  • Loebsack, David (D–HR): No response
  • Young, David (R–HR): No response


  • Moran, Jerry (R–Sen.): No response
  • Roberts, Pat (R–Sen.): Weakly Condemn
  • Estes, Ron (R–HR): No response
  • Marshall, Roger (R–HR): Support
  • Jenkins, Lynn (R–HR): No response
  • Yoder, Kevin (R–HR): No response


  • McConnell, Mitch (R–Sen.): No response
  • Paul, Rand (R–Sen.): Support/Deflection
  • Barr, Andy (R–HR): No response
  • Comer, James (R–HR): No response
  • Guthrie, S. Brett (R–HR): No response
  • Massie, Thomas (R–HR): No response
  • Rogers, Harold (R–HR): No response
  • Yarmuth, John A. (D–HR): Condemn




  • *Cardin, Benjamin L. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Van Hollen, Chris (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Brown, Anthony (D–HR): Condemn
  • Cummings, Elijah (D–HR): Condemn
  • Delaney, John (D–HR): Condemn
  • Harris, Andy (R–HR): Support
  • Hoyer, Steny H. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Raskin, Jamie (D–HR): Condemn
  • Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch (D–HR): Condemn
  • Sarbanes, John P. (D–HR): No response


  • Markey, Edward J. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • *Warren, Elizabeth (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Capuano, Michael E. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Clark, Katherine (D–HR): Condemn
  • Keating, William (D–HR): Condemn
  • Kennedy III, Joseph P. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lynch, Stephen F. (D–HR): Condemn
  • McGovern, James (D–HR): Condemn
  • Moulton, Seth (D–HR): No response
  • Neal, Richard E. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Tsongas, Niki (D–HR): Condemn


  • Peters, Gary C. (D–Sen.): No response
  • *Stabenow, Debbie (D–Sen.): No response
  • Amash, Justin (R–HR): No response
  • Bergman, Jack (R–HR): No response
  • Bishop, Mike (R–HR): No response
  • Dingell, Debbie (D–HR): Condemn
  • Huizenga, Bill (R–HR): Condemn
  • Kildee, Daniel (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lawrence, Brenda (D–HR): Condemn
  • Levin, Sander (D–HR): No response
  • Mitchell, Paul (R–HR): No response
  • Moolenaar, John (R–HR): No response
  • Trott, Dave (R–HR): No response
  • Upton, Fred (R–HR): No response
  • Walberg, Tim (R–HR): No response


  • *Klobuchar, Amy (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Smith, Tina (D–Sen.): No response
  • Ellison, Keith (D–HR): Condemn
  • Emmer, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • McCollum, Betty (D–HR): Condemn
  • Lewis, Jason (R–HR): No response
  • Nolan, Rick (D–HR): No response
  • Paulsen, Erik (R–HR): Condemn
  • Peterson, Collin C. (D–HR): No response
  • Walz, Timothy J. (D–HR): Condemn


  • Cochran, Thad (R–Sen.): No response
  • *Wicker, Roger F. (R–Sen.): No response
  • Harper, Gregg (R–HR): No response
  • Kelly, Trent (R–HR): No response
  • Palazzo, Steven (R–HR): No response
  • Thompson, Bennie G. (D–HR): Condemn


  • Blunt, Roy (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • *McCaskill, Claire (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Clay Jr., William "Lacy" (D–HR): Condemn
  • Cleaver, Emanuel (D–HR): Condemn
  • Graves, Sam (R–HR): No response
  • Hartzler, Vicky (R–HR): No response
  • Long, Billy (R–HR): No response
  • Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R–HR): No response
  • Smith, Jason (R–HR): No response
  • Wagner, Ann (R–HR): No response


  • Daines, Steve (R–Sen.): No response
  • *Tester, Jon (D–Sen.): No response
  • Gianforte, Greg R (R–HR): No response


  • *Fischer, Deb (R–Sen.): No response
  • Sasse, Ben (R–Sen.): No response
  • Bacon, Don (R–HR): No response
  • Fortenberry, Jeff (R–HR): No response
  • Smith, Adrian (R–HR): No response


  • Cortez Masto, Catherine (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • *Heller, Dean (R–Sen.): No response
  • Amodei, Mark (R–HR): No response
  • Kihuen, Ruben J. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Rosen, Jacky (D–HR): Condemn
  • Titus, Dina (D–HR): Condemn

New Hampshire

  • Hassan, Margaret Wood (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Shaheen, Jeanne (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Kuster, Ann (D–HR): Condemn
  • Shea-Porter, Carol (D–HR): Condemn

New Jersey

  • Booker, Cory A. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • *Menendez, Robert (D–Sen.): No response
  • Frelinghuysen, Rodney (R–HR): Condemn
  • Gottheimer, Josh (D–HR): No response
  • Lance, Leonard (R–HR): Condemn
  • LoBiondo, Frank (R–HR): No response
  • MacArthur, Tom (R–HR): Weakly Condemn
  • Norcross, Donald (D–HR): Condemn
  • Pallone Jr., Frank (D–HR): Condemn
  • Pascrell Jr., Bill (D–HR): Condemn
  • Payne Jr., Donald (D–HR): Condemn
  • Sires, Albio (D–HR): Condemn
  • Smith, Chris (R–HR): Condemn
  • Watson Coleman, Bonnie (D–HR): Condemn

New Mexico

  • *Heinrich, Martin (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Udall, Tom (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Lujan, Ben R. (D–HR): No response
  • Lujan Grisham, Michelle (D–HR): Condemn
  • Pearce, Steve (R–HR): Support

New York

North Carolina

  • Burr, Richard (R–Sen.): No response
  • Tillis, Thom (R–Sen.): No response
  • Adams, Alma (D–HR): Condemn
  • Budd, Ted (R–HR): No response
  • Butterfield, G.K. (D–HR): No response
  • Foxx, Virginia (R–HR): No response
  • Holding, George (R–HR): No response
  • Hudson, Richard (R–HR): No response
  • Jones, Walter B. (R–HR): No response
  • McHenry, Patrick T. (R–HR): No response
  • Meadows, Mark (R–HR): No response
  • Pittenger, Robert (R–HR): No response
  • Price, David (D–HR): Condemn
  • Rouzer, David (R–HR): No response
  • Walker, Mark (R–HR): Weakly support

North Dakota

  • *Heitkamp, Heidi (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Hoeven, John (R–Sen.): No response
  • Cramer, Kevin R (R–HR): No response

Northern Mariana Islands

  • Sablan, Gregorio (D–HR): No response


  • *Brown, Sherrod (D–Sen.): No response
  • Portman, Rob (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Beatty, Joyce (D–HR): Condemn
  • Chabot, Steve (R–HR): No response
  • Davidson, Warren (R–HR): No response
  • Fudge, Marcia L. (D–HR): No response
  • Gibbs, Bob (R–HR): No response
  • Johnson, Bill (R–HR): No response
  • Jordan, Jim (R–HR): No response
  • Joyce, David (R–HR): No response
  • Kaptur, Marcy (D–HR): No response
  • Latta, Robert E. (R–HR): No response
  • Renacci, Jim (R–HR): Support
  • Ryan, Tim (D–HR): Condemn
  • Stivers, Steve (R–HR): No response
  • Tiberi, Pat (R–HR): No response
  • Turner, Michael (R–HR): No response
  • Wenstrup, Brad (R–HR): No response


  • Inhofe, James M. (R–Sen.): No response
  • Lankford, James (R–Sen.): Weakly condemn
  • Bridenstine, Jim (R–HR): No response
  • Cole, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • Lucas, Frank (R–HR): No response
  • Mullin, Markwayne (R–HR): Support
  • Russell, Steve (R–HR): Condemn


  • Merkley, Jeff (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Wyden, Ron (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Blumenauer, Earl (D–HR): Condemn
  • Bonamici, Suzanne (D–HR): No response
  • DeFazio, Peter (D–HR): No response
  • Schrader, Kurt (D–HR): No response
  • Walden, Greg (R–HR): No response


  • *Casey, Robert P., Jr. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • Toomey, Patrick J. (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Barletta, Lou (R–HR): No response
  • Boyle, Brendan (D–HR): Condemn
  • Brady, Robert (D–HR): Condemn
  • Cartwright, Matthew (D–HR): No response
  • Costello, Ryan (R–HR): Condemn
  • Dent, Charles W. (R–HR): Condemn
  • Doyle, Mike (D–HR): No response
  • Evans, Dwight (D–HR): Condemn
  • Fitzpatrick, Brian (R–HR): Condemn
  • Kelly, Mike (R–HR): No response
  • Marino, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • Meehan, Pat (R–HR): Condemn
  • Perry, Scott (R–HR): No response
  • Rothfus, Keith (R–HR): No response
  • Shuster, Bill (R–HR): No response
  • Smucker, Lloyd (R–HR): Weakly condemn
  • Thompson, Glenn W. (R–HR): No response

Puerto Rico

  • González-Colón, Jenniffer (NPP – HR): No response

Rhode Island

  • Reed, Jack (D–Sen.): No response
  • *Whitehouse, Sheldon (D–Sen.): No response
  • Cicilline, David (D–HR): Condemn
  • Langevin, Jim (D–HR): Condemn

South Carolina

  • Graham, Lindsey (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Scott, Tim (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Clyburn, James E. (D–HR): Condemn
  • Duncan, Jeff (R–HR): No response
  • Gowdy, Trey (R–HR): Vaguely condemn
  • Norman, Ralph (R–HR): No response
  • Rice, Tom (R–HR): No response
  • Sanford, Mark (R–HR): Weakly support
  • Wilson, Joe (R–HR): No response

South Dakota


  • Alexander, Lamar (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Corker, Bob (R–Sen.): No response (retiring)
  • Black, Diane (R–HR): No response
  • Blackburn, Marsha (R–HR): No response
  • Cohen, Steve (D–HR): Condemn
  • Cooper, Jim (D–HR): No response
  • DesJarlais, Scott (R–HR): No response
  • Duncan Jr., John J. (R–HR): No response
  • Fleischmann, Chuck (R–HR): No response
  • Kustoff, David (R–HR): No response
  • Roe, Phil (R–HR): No response


  • Cornyn, John (R–Sen.): Weakly condemn
  • *Cruz, Ted (R–Sen.): Sidestepped/No response
  • Arrington, Jodey (R–HR): No response
  • Babin, Brian (R–HR): No response
  • Barton, Joe (R–HR): No response
  • Brady, Kevin (R–HR): No response
  • Burgess, Michael (R–HR): No response
  • Carter, John (R–HR): No response
  • Castro, Joaquin (D–HR): Condemn
  • Conaway, K. Michael (R–HR): No response
  • Cuellar, Henry (D–HR): No response
  • Culberson, John (R–HR): No response
  • Doggett, Lloyd (D–HR): Condemn
  • Farenthold, Blake (R–HR): No response
  • Flores, Bill (R–HR): No response
  • Gohmert, Louie (R–HR): Weakly condemn
  • Gonzalez, Vicente (D–HR): No response
  • Granger, Kay (R–HR): No response
  • Green, Al (D–HR): Condemn
  • Green, Gene (D–HR): No response
  • Hensarling, Jeb (R–HR): No response
  • Hurd, Will (R–HR): No response
  • Jackson Lee, Sheila (D–HR): Condemn
  • Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D – HR): Condemn
  • Johnson, Sam (R–HR): No response
  • Marchant, Kenny (R–HR): No response
  • McCaul, Michael T. (R–HR): No response
  • O'Rourke, Beto (D–HR): Condemn
  • Olson, Pete (R–HR): No response
  • Poe, Ted (R–HR): No response
  • Ratcliffe, John (R–HR): No response
  • Sessions, Pete (R–HR): No response
  • Smith, Lamar (R–HR): Support
  • Thornberry, Mac (R–HR): No response
  • Veasey, Marc (D–HR): Condemn
  • Vela, Filemon (D–HR): No response
  • Weber, Randy (R–HR): No response
  • Williams, Roger (R–HR): No response


  • Hatch, Orrin G. (R–Sen.): Weakly condemn
  • Lee, Mike (R–Sen.): Condemn
  • Bishop, Rob (R–HR): No response
  • Curtis, John R. (R–HR): No response
  • Love, Mia (R–HR): Condemn
  • Stewart, Chris (R–HR): No response


  • Leahy, Patrick J. (D–Sen.): Condemn
  • *Sanders, Bernie (I–Sen.): Condemn
  • Welch, Peter (D–HR): Condemn

Virgin Islands

  • Plaskett, Stacey (D–HR): Condemn



  • *Cantwell, Maria (D–Sen.): No response
  • Murray, Patty (D–Sen.): No response
  • DelBene, Suzan (D–HR): Condemn
  • Heck, Denny (D–HR): Condemn
  • Herrera Beutler, Jaime (R–HR): No response
  • Jayapal, Pramila (D–HR): Condemn
  • Kilmer, Derek (D–HR): Condemn
  • Larsen, Rick (D–HR): Condemn
  • McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (R–HR): No response
  • Newhouse, Dan (R–HR): No response
  • Reichert, David G. (R–HR): No response
  • Smith, Adam (D – HR): Condemn

West Virginia



  • *Barrasso, John (R–Sen.): No response
  • Enzi, Michael B. (R–Sen.): No response
  • Cheney, Liz (R–HR): No response

James Slack contributed to this report.

By JoAnne Sweeny

JoAnne Sweeny is an associate professor at the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law. Her scholarly interests include comparative constitutional law, freedom of expression, law and gender, and legal history.

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