"SNL": Jessica Chastain wants to know "what even matters anymore?"

In the skit Chastain asked contestants if any of Trump's actions would result in consequences. The answer was no

By Charlie May
January 21, 2018 4:59PM (UTC)
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Actress Jessica Chastain hosted this week's "Saturday Night Live" and played the role of a game show host in which the contestants had to determine if President Donald Trump's actions "even matter anymore." The correct answer for all questions, obviously, was "no."

The faux game show was titled, "What Even Matters Anymore?" which was fitting for Trump's presidency, as several of his most controversial actions, words or even alleged actions from the past, have somehow left him out of reach from any consequences. Talking to the audience, Chastain said the purpose of the show was for her to "tell you something our president did, or said, and you have to tell me, 'does it even matter anymore?'"


"First question: The president refers to all nations as 'poo-poo holes' and says all Haitians 'have AIDS.' Does it even matter anymore?

Kate McKinnon, who played the role of a contestant, answered, "That's really bad, that has to matter, yes."

"Actually, it does not matter," Chastain responded. "Zero consequences and everyone just moves on."


"Next: The president has an extramarital affair with a porn star right after his wife gives birth to his son, then he pays the porn star to shut up. Does it even matter to, say, his evangelical base?" Chastain asked.

Another contestant, SNL's Kenan Thompson, answered, "To evangelicals, of course it matters, it's against everything that they stand for."

"You'd think so, but no," Chastain said. "They say he's just repented, and they forgive him."


As the skit continued, Chastain continued to grow frustrated that nothing mattered, and asked if would matter if Trump fired special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into the Trump campaign's alleged ties to the Russian government.

SNL's Cecily Strong, the third contestant, pointed out that Trump has not fired Mueller, but the game show host said, "Yeah but, you know, he's going to so when he does will it even matter?" Strong responded that it would obviously matter and that Trump would be clearly crossing a line, but Chastain once again informed her that it just didn't matter.


"You were right that it would cross a line, but you were wrong to think that it would matter in the least," she said.

Chastain continued with her questions, "The president builds a wall but hires illegal immigrants to build it and he accidentally puts an unlocked door every 10 feet. Would that matter?

Thompson said he was "sensing a pattern," and answered correctly that it would not matter.


In the final round, Chastain was nearly having a breakdown, and asked contestants to write down something Trump would do that they thought would result in some form of consequences. She chugged a bottle of wine while waiting for answers. The three contestants wrote down, "Trump punches pope,"cancels Olympics because 'flags are gay,'" and "sex tape with Don. Jr."

Chastain informed them all, however, that none of it would even matter.

Watch the full "Saturday Night Live" skit below:


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