Steve Wynn to resign from RNC after sexual misconduct allegations

Politico reports the news from "three senior Republicans briefed on the decision"

By Nicole Karlis
Published January 27, 2018 3:17PM (EST)
Steve Wynn and Donald Trump (AP/Joe Cavaretta)
Steve Wynn and Donald Trump (AP/Joe Cavaretta)

Billionaire and casino mogul Steve Wynn has resigned as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, according to a Politico report.

Politico received the news from "three senior Republicans briefed on the decision."

Steve Guest, Deputy Rapid Response Director of the Republican National Committee, sent Salon a statement from RNC chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, confirming the news.

"Today I accepted Steve Wynn’s resignation as Republican National Committee finance chair," McDaniel said in the statement.

McDaniel reportedly spoke with Donald Trump about the situation on Saturday morning, according to Politico.

The reported decision comes after nearly one day of silence from the RNC following the Wall Street Journal report detailing multiple sexual misconduct allegations against Wynn. According to the report, Wynn allegedly took advantage of his employees and allegedly pressured some to perform sex acts on him. In one account, Wynn allegedly demanded a manicurist to have sex with him on his massage table, despite her telling him that she didn’t want to and she was married. Another woman told the paper that Wynn repeatedly ordered her to massage his penis until he ejaculated, a violation of Nevada regulations.

After the Wall Street Journal published the report, many democrats took to Twitter asking the GOP if they'd return Wynn's donations. When news broke in October about Harvey Weinstein's serial sexual abuse, the GOP ridiculed Democrats who received donations from Weinstein, requesting that they return them. "Still no word from DNC on returning all of Harvey Weinstein's donations," the GOP wrote on Twitter.

Collectively, Steve Wynn has reportedly donated over one million dollars to GOP candidates and causes.

Wynn wrote in a statement to the Wall Street Journal that the allegations were “preposterous.”

“We find ourselves in a world where people can make allegations, regardless of the truth, and a person is left with the choice of weathering insulting publicity or engaging in multi-year lawsuits. It is deplorable for anyone to find themselves in this situation,” he wrote. “The instigation of these accusations is the continued work of my ex-wife Elaine Wynn, with whom I am involved in a terrible and nasty lawsuit in which she is seeking a revised divorce settlement.”

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