This glowing charging cable is perfect for iPhone users

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Published January 28, 2018 8:00AM (EST)

For most of us, charging our phones is part of a nightly ritual — and so is knocking it off the nightstand or table because you just can't see where it is when the lights are off. Avoid that issue with this TAMO Charge-N-Glow MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, which doubles as a nightlight, reading light and entertainment before you snooze.

Inevitably we'll all need to charge our phones at one point — but instead of using the standard, boring charging cable, this MFi-Certified Lightning cable tosses in some coiled LEDs into the mix. These lights blink when the cable is ready to charge, and even flow faster or slower depending on the power source. That helps you get an idea of how much longer you'll need to leave your phone connected to the cable — and it's an alternative to counting sheep when you're getting ready to sleep.

Find your phone in the dark (and get light when you need it): usually, this TAMO Charge-N-Glow MFi-Certified Lightning Cable is $26.99, but you can get it now for $18.99.

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