This software is a must-have for any budding entrepreneur

Published January 30, 2018 6:00AM (EST)

So you have a brilliant business idea — what's next? How do you bring it to life by developing a compelling business plan that helps you get the funding you need to get the whole thing off the ground? This lifetime subscription to Bizplan Premium can help you break down the planning process, and create a professional looking statement that sells.

Bizplan is an app that works as a centralized dashboard — it's one place where you can work on your pitch, set quantitative and qualitative goals, track your progress and refine your vision. To help save time, it's also full of drag-and-drop templates where you can insert and organize your content.

The app even allows for easy team collaboration, with threaded comments to keep conversations focused and issue resolution more simple. And if you ever get stuck in a particular section, you can save it for later when you finally get that "ah-ha" moment — and get more done by working on another part of your plan with the self-paced progress tracking. You can even perform team salary forecasts, revenue projections and set all your financial goals in one spot.

Accomplish more in less time, and get ready for launch: usually, this lifetime subscription to Bizplan Premium is $2,940, but you can get it now for $69 — that's 97% off.

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