Get farm-direct flowers and save money this Valentine's Day

Published February 1, 2018 8:00AM (EST)

With another Valentine’s Day rolling up fast, guys are scrambling to pull together that romantic gesture their ladies expect. A quick, reflective answer might be just to order some flowers online and be done with it. But hold on... where did those flowers actually come from?

If you’re ordering from most florists or online retailers, the likely answer is somewhere far away. As in, a flower farm in a far-flung locale like Southeast Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean or South America. By the time those posies are landing on your loved one’s doorstep, they could already be up to a week old, or maybe more.

You can inject some social consciousness into your hyper-commercialized corporate holiday this year with the purchase of farm-direct flowers from Bouqs. Right now, they're running a Valentine's Day Special, giving you $50 of credit for just $29.99.

Putting aside that healthy discount for a moment, Bouqs wants you to know precisely where their flowers are harvested — which is from eco-friendly, sustainable farms located near you. When you buy Bouqs, you help support farmers in your area, keeping dollars local, employees in your neighborhood productive and your eco-footprint small by cutting out all that wasteful, transoceanic transportation.

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