Celebrate Valentine’s Day with wines picked just for you

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Published February 3, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

Your life is not one-size-fits-all. Your experiences shape your preferences, which reflect on your own extremely personal choices. Nobody wants to feel like they’re just a random, cookie-cutter number because they aren’t.

Of course, nowhere is your taste more on display than in the partner you choose, which means Valentine’s Day — and the celebration of that partnership — is one of the most personal days of the year.

Winc gets that.  Since its founding in 2012, the wine subscription service has increasingly found ways to jack right into a wine lover’s pleasure center, craftily offering up vino choices that sync directly to what that drinker responds to and likes.

As a Valentine’s Day promotion, they’re serving up one of their custom-tailored four-bottle subscription packages for only $26, 50% off their regular price.

Winc has spent the past five years calibrating and streamlining their formula. The service has strengthened ties directly with wineries, cutting out intermediaries and getting a closer connection to the wines they can offer. On the other end, Winc customizes choices to specific palates with a six-question survey that assesses particular wine likes and dislikes.

Once you've answered the questions, Winc will pull four bottles of wine selected to suit you, then ships them directly to your door. Each even comes with Winc’s wealth of knowledge about those wines, including flavor notes, vineyard backstories, and food pairing ideas. If you like them, you can continue with monthly deliveries or even skip months without being charged.

Meanwhile, Winc gets deeper into your idiosyncratic tastes, continually improving their picks to please you better. You can’t beat that kind of attention to detail without being a sommelier yourself — and you’re probably not going to get better wine choices for just $6.50 a bottle.

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