11-year-old's anti-Trump cartoons are taking the internet by storm

The 11-year-old has hilarious depictions of recent current events, and features Trump with tiny hands

Published February 5, 2018 11:21AM (EST)

 (Getty/Justin Sullivan)
(Getty/Justin Sullivan)

The age of President Donald Trump has certainly brought a lot of things along with it, many of them bad, but there are always silver linings, and that may be the best way to describe the Instagram page of an 11-year-old who draws anti-Trump cartoons.

The Instagram profile, @ant.trump.cartoons, is run by an 11-year-old who calls himself a "resister" who draws "caricatures of your favorite and least favorite political figures."


Tipping the scales of justice⚖️

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Several drawings allude to the ongoing Russia investigation and the Trump administration's bashing of the FBI and Justice Department.


Aside from the hilarity of the drawings, the kid is clearly quite talented as an artist who pays attention to detail. Note Trump's small hands below. The drawings show that even an 11-year-old can keep up with the details of mundane daily politics in Washington. Thanks to Trump, that task has been made much easier.


How Trump sees the world🌎🌍🌏

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! My version of this week’s @newyorkermag cover...

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 The kid also touched on the NFL and how Trump has berated athletes who kneel during the national anthem.

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Michael Wolff, author of the recent Trump administration's tell-all, also made an appearance.

Oh Donald, Donald, Donald...

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Last but not least, he portrays the GOP tax plan that has been endlessly bragged about by the Trump administration — even an 11-year-old saw through the legislation. 


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