This app helps you see into your financial future

Published February 7, 2018 4:00PM (EST)

Managing your budget and balancing your funds appropriately between the essentials (like your bills), your future (like your savings) and your present (like a dinner out with friends) is a necessary skill. But without the help of a financial advisor and only the oversight of a banking or money management app, you could lack a solid direction or vision for your financial future. PocketSmith helps you gain control over your money and establish and maintain more long-term goals.

Not everyone has the same approach to money management, and you might have different goals than the people around you — PocketSmith takes a more customized approach, with a comprehensive list of features that allows you to manage all your accounts, no matter which ones you prioritize more than others. You'll get a macro view of what's going on with your bank, credit card and loan accounts, automatically update everything and organize all your transactions by whatever filters make the most sense for you.

Even beyond tracking, which other money management apps can do, PocketSmith takes it a step further by allowing you to forecast your daily balances up to ten years into the future. You can even minimize the amount of risk you might take with financial decisions by testing them first to see what the future outcomes might be.

That way you can keep a stable grasp of what you owe, what you own — and even what you could one day own. Usually, this PocketSmith Subscription is $89.95, but you can get it now for $49.95, or 44% off.

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