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Published February 14, 2018 6:00AM (EST)

Whether you're snapping shots on your phone at a family wedding — or your family actually asked you to take the wedding photos on your dusty DSLR, it's never a wrong time to pick up the skills you need to capture special days in the way they deserve to be remembered. And regardless of whether you want to start a side gig taking photos professionally, take follower-boosting photos for Instagram or just want to capture pictures you can be proud of, this Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle can help.

This bundle helps you set up your photos for success, covering everything from lessons in composition to editing, in practically every scenario you can think of. Here are a few of the courses included in the bundle:

Photography Assets by Tom Eversley

Sometimes it helps to get a little inspiration to get started taking photos — and it's especially helpful to have some baseline material to practice your newfound editing skills on. This course includes a collection of 40 lifestyle, food, and nature photos, perfect for uploading into editing software. You can also use them as reference photos or as stock images for your creative projects, blogs, as home decor and more.

Black & White Photography in the Digital Age

If you want to take photos that'll always sell, black and white is a medium that won't ever go out of style. Learn to use Photoshop to convert your pictures into vintage-looking black and white snaps that will make a great addition to your portfolio — you might even procure a buyer at the end!

Portrait Photography Masterclass

Whether you're taking head shots for a friend or a portrait of your mom, making a beautiful, empowering shot is a lot harder than it sounds, and could require some clever editing to capture the essence of a person. Learn to use Photoshop CC and high-quality supporting materials to blend multiple adjustments in the same image seamlessly, work with non-destructive techniques to enhance a photo, perform thorough clean-ups and highlights, and more. People will pay top-dollar for a great portrait shot, so why not hop on the bandwagon?

The Art of Travel Photography

There's probably nothing more dissatisfying than taking a wonderful trip, only to go back to your photos and be disappointed in the way they were captured. Learn the basics of professional photography in regards to travel, and camera care tips to ensure you're snapping the quality photos you want.

Become a Better Photographer - Part I and Part II

These two courses cover a boatload of skills to help you start finally using the exposure mode on your DSLR. While DSLR and other mirrorless cameras have an incredible number of impressive features and functionalities, they can also feel overwhelming for a newbie to handle. These courses work as a step-by-step guide through what makes your camera special, in a way where you can actually leverage them.

Here's how the bundle works: name any price you want, and you'll unlock the last two courses, covering food photography and advanced creative photography skills. Beat the average price, and you'll get access to all nine courses.

Usually, this Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle is $1,048, but you can get it now for up to 99% off the original price.

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