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Published February 17, 2018 6:00AM (EST)

Do you get overwhelmed when trying to figure out your financial future? We don't blame you: personal finances can be messy and confusing to handle. How do you balance what you own versus what you owe — and how do you invest for your future in a way that's sustainable and low maintenance? The eduCBA Finance & Investments Lifetime Subscription Bundle is a great way to hone your understanding of finance, whether you're looking to improve your own accounts or help manage someone else's like a professional.

You can access more than 730 complete courses and 2,000+ hours of content any time you'd like. Instead of going over vague ideas and high brow concepts that you'll have trouble applying to your day to day, this bundle focuses on building your practical, application-oriented skills as they relate to financial concepts.

You'll develop a keen understanding of investment banking, financial modeling, project finance, private equity, accounting and more. Plus, take courses in a wide range of financial courses, including accounting, the stock market, and venture capital modeling. The bundle leverages mock tests and online quizzes to supplement and reaffirm the material you've learned — plus, you'll earn certificates of completion for each course you finish.

Taking ownership of your finances is an essential step in managing your future. Usually, the eduCBA Finance & Investments Lifetime Subscription Bundle is $797, but you can get it now for $29, or 96% off. Best of all in honor of President's Day, Salon readers can save an additional 40% when using coupon code USA40 at checkout.

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