Keep out the rain with this dripless umbrella

Published February 20, 2018 6:00AM (EST)

If you’ve ever been caught in a severe rainstorm — you know the kind where your umbrella flies up, making you feel like Mary Poppins (except you’re soaking wet and possess zero magical powers), then you know it’s not exactly a good time. Everyone should own a durable, wind-resistant umbrella, especially if you live somewhere that has temperamental weather. Enter the SwissTek Double Layer Smart Umbrella.

This windproof umbrella is made of UV-protecting fabric, so you’re covered rain or shine. Perhaps the most innovative feature is its reverse-folding design that opens from the top rather than the bottom, making it easier to open, close and store. So unlike most umbrellas that drip long after you close them, it’s reverse-folding design keeps the wet part on the inside. It also stands vertically to create an effective draining method while closed.

With functionality at the core of its design, this smart umbrella features an ergonomic C-shaped grip that goes around your wrist, leaving your hands free. Since it comes in a 2-pack, you can leave one at home and one at work, so you’ll always be prepared for inclement weather. This smart umbrella usually goes for $144, but you can get two on sale for $33, saving 76% off the original price.

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