Decorate your desk with a mini-ecosystem

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Published February 22, 2018 8:00AM (EST)

Having a little natural greenery around or by the space you work can be a significant mood booster that improves the quality of work that you produce. This AquaSprouts Garden is a nifty and low-maintenance alternative to the usual desk plant or succulent — it's basically like having a little ecosystem at your desk.

This kit includes a custom-modeled, single-piece garden bed that assembles quickly — all you need to do is add an aquarium to produce a self-sustaining system. Just don't forget to feed the fish (they provide the nutrients for the plants), and the plants that grow clean the water. At the top is your own little garden, with whatever fruits and veggies you feel like growing.

You get a submersible 160-gallon per hour pump and mechanical plug timer help control flood and drain cycles, and there's a removable lighting mount in case your space doesn't get much natural light. Don't worry about the system being difficult to maintain, either: the garden includes a unique expanded clay growing medium, a durable soil replacement that supports roots and wicks moisture, traps fish waste and provides ample surface area for the growth of beneficial microbes.

Get a fresh take on a desk plant: this AquaSprouts Garden is usually $179.95, but you can get it now for $159.95.

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