How to use Microsoft Excel like a pro

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Published February 26, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

While most of us have used Excel in one capacity or another — whether organizing data into a spreadsheet, using basic formulas to make calculations, or struggling with dreaded pivot tables — it's rare to find a person who's mastered the intricacies of the tool. At the end of the day, Excel's functions far exceed what non-specialists typically associate with the software.

Beyond being just an app that spits out spreadsheets or helps crunch data, Excel is a powerful problem-solving tool that, with a little know-how, can help automate your workflow. With The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle, you get 33 hours of detailed instruction that enables you to manage information and analyze data better — in short, it boosts your business analytics skills, prepping you for better projects, an improved scope in your current role and maybe even a promotion.

This bundle includes six courses total. The first walks you through advanced formulas and functions, a perfect starting point whether you're a power user or just starting off. You'll learn through hands-on examples how to build dynamic tools and Excel dashboards to filter, display and analyze your data. You'll even learn how to pull real-time data from APIs directly into Excel, which is tremendously valuable even if you're not in a technical role, and working in sales or marketing.

Next, you'll learn the different ways that Excel can display data — and no, we're not just talking spreadsheets. Excel has over 20 different chart types that you can leverage across everything from presentations to pitches, and this lesson breaks down which chart makes the most sense for various applications. Then you're ready for the power-user courses: for example how to use Power Query, Power Pivot and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for data modeling purposes.

Next, you'll learn how to look at data and develop powerful insights and trends using pivot tables. Whether you're trying to figure out the reason behind a spike (or dip) in sales, or what prompts your users to buy or invest in a product at a specific time of day, this course gives you the tools to help figure out the cause that can get lost in all the noise.

Finally, you'll master Excel VBA — the foundation for task automation in Excel. You wrap up with the final course (and the one that could likely change your career trajectory): how to prepare an impressive workbook, whether that's to figure out your household budget or win the business of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Everyone's had to use Excel at some point or another – but it's the folks who master it who stand out in a crowd. Usually, The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle is $945, but you can get it now for $34.


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