This retro-looking speaker delivers amazing, wireless sound

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Published February 27, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

The best things in life bridge the gap between the past we fondly look back on, and the conveniences we've come to expect and enjoy. Case in point with the Lofree Poison, which looks just like the speaker that used to sit in your grandparents' kitchen when you were little — but works like the wireless speaker you've always wanted.


With an enhanced bass driver and ultra large diaphragm, this speaker produces powerful and full-bodied bass without sacrificing more subtle mids and trebles. You can stream your music anywhere via Bluetooth, and thanks to the 20-watt amplifiers, it'll fill any room it's in with the sound of your favorite tunes. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, this one won't distort your audio — no matter the song or volume.

Want to riff off that old-school vibe it gives? You can also use the physical rotating dial and built-in FM radio to search for your favorite station. And whether you're grooving to your own jams or listening to your favorite broadcast, you can do it for a full six hours off one charge.

Check out this Kickstarter and Indiegogo hit: get the Lofree Poison for $79.99, reduced from the usual price of $119.

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