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Published March 2, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

Learning how to make wise investments is an art — and even when you have the help of someone to guide you, it's easy for doubt to creep in: how do you know that this is the best choice for your future? Learning the lingo and how financial markets operate is a huge component of making solid financial decisions — and the 2018 Complete Finance and Economics Bundle breaks it down for you across nine comprehensive courses.

Here's what's included in the bundle:

From 0 to 1: Investments and Portfolio Theory

You probably have a basic working knowledge of risk and return — this course helps you explore those concepts more deeply, showing how those factors are interconnected so that you can build a powerful investment portfolio. You'll also learn to calculate the return and risk of assets and portfolios using the Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory.

Case Studies in Macro-Economics

Global economics was probably a snooze for you when you first learned the concepts in high school — but developing a big-picture understanding of how, why and in what ways people, governments, and central banks react to economic events helps you understand how to work within these systems. That includes when interest rates may rise and when the right time to invest is, how oil price changes may impact foreign earnings and expenses, and even how government decisions may affect your salary.

From 0 to 1: Bond Theory and Valuation

Bonds can be tricky: while they're relatively safe investments that can provide a steady stream of reliable income, there's a variety of attributes that contribute to how a bond is ultimately valued. This course walks you through the specs of bonds and relationship between each attribute. You'll also learn how to calculate fixed and floating interest rates and compare bonds between one another.

Advanced Excel and VBA for Financial Modeling

If you're looking to put something on your resume that'll put you in strong contention for any data analysis role, learn Advanced Excel and VBA. This program is used to cover risk modeling, factor analysis, numerical optimization and linear and logistic regression. By the end of the course, you'll be able to crunch some serious numbers to get a good picture of your financial future.

Time Capsule: Trends in Tech, Product, and Strategy

We all learn from history — the mistakes and pitfalls, as well as the successes. This course analyzes the past two decades to summarize some key trends of the tech industry, and how you might be able to get ahead of the curve by having a keen understanding of the past.

Economics: Game Theory, Competition, Elasticity

This course is made to help you think critically about markets, finance and the economic drivers that guide all of our decisions. Microeconomics is full of everyday interactions, from commercial to social transactions, and this course helps you apply Game Theory to decide whether to be adversarial or cooperative in real-life situations.

Corporate Finance 101: Financial Statement Analysis & Ratios

Corporate finance is incredibly complex — but this course gives you a holistic view of how finance operates in this realm. You'll cover financial statements, ratios, Dupont's Identity and more essential topics, helping you understand how companies grow. Plus, you'll learn to calculate ratios in all significant categories: liquidity, leverage, turnover, profitability, and valuation.

Corporate Finance 101: Equity Valuation

Equity valuation is essential for any entrepreneur or small business/startup founder to understand. This course discusses intrinsic value, price, valuation, and market capitalization, helping you calculate the cost of capital in any company. You'll also discover absolute valuation techniques, and learn to apply essential types of models, such as Dividend-Discount models, Free Cash Flow models, and Relative-Value models.

Learn By Example: QlikView

QlikView is an interactive app that helps you transform, summarize and visualize data. You can use list boxes, table boxes, and chart boxes to query data, and present your insights efficiently using elements like charts, drill downs, and triggers. It's like having an all-around toolkit to work with data.

Usually, the 2018 Complete Finance and Economics Bundle is $583.89, but you can get it now for $29.99 — that's 94% off.

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