This tiny sensor takes the guesswork out of color matching

Published March 5, 2018 5:34PM (EST)

Sometimes, you see a shade in passing that you know you need to paint your next wall with – or maybe custom-paint your next car. For design aficionados, interior designers or just people who love a good re-design project, there's this Nix Mini Color Sensor.

This innovative little cube fits in your pocket and is used in conjunction with an app that you download on your phone. It's a color sensor that scans any surface and matches what you see to an existing color library of more than 31,000 brand name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK and LAB colors.

That means you can take the guesswork entirely out of your time in the paint store, and focus more on the project you have on hand. You can save and organize your favorite color palettes, and even share paint colors with friends, family or clients.

The Nix is small enough to fit on a keychain but durable enough to withstand even your klutziest DIY moment – and thanks to the integrated high CRI white LEDs, you get a consistent scan every time. Usually, this Nix Mini Color Sensor is $99, but you can get it now for $69.

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