This gorgeous bamboo table charges your devices wirelessly

Published March 9, 2018 4:30PM (EST)

You usually set your phone on top of your nightstand or coffee table to charge anyway — what if you could eliminate the charger entirely, and use a Qi-enabled table to wirelessly charge your device without a cumbersome cord to trip over? This FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table is the ideal aesthetic fit for any space and uses the most up-to-date technology to feed your phone.

This sleek table works in either your bedroom or living room and features a wireless charging spot marked with a subtle laser engraving that can charge Qi-enabled devices, which now include the iPhone 8 and X, too. That spot indicates the space you can leave your phone, clearly marking it even at night — and helps you avoid damaging spills of liquid.

It's affordable, sustainable and easy to assemble, and even comes with a standard caramel-colored USB cable that matches the look of the table. That way, your pals who don't have a QI-enabled device can still get a charge.

This table serves two functions: it makes your life easier, and it looks good, too. Usually, this FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table is $199, but you can get it now for $149.99.

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