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Published March 11, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Tableau is an essential tool for data scientists and business analysts (or anyone looking to break into the field), giving you the ability to present data in powerful and actionable ways. Knowing how to leverage tableau can differentiate you from peers whether you're seeking a job or want a promotion. In the Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop Bundle, you'll learn how to take advantage of the demand for data analysis in business today and use one of the best tools in the market for helping companies better understand consumer data.

It's no secret — we produce a lot of data these days, and sometimes the sheer amount of that data can be so overwhelming, it's difficult to derive meaning from it. Luckily, there are tools like Tableau, a business intelligence software that makes analyzing data easier and faster. Tableau is used for everything from creating dashboards and reports, to performing data discovery and visualization. It also works as a self-service business intelligence tool, making data transparent and easily accessible to all members of your organization. Tableau also lets you perform simple statistical analytics quickly, like trends and forecasting (perfect for sales and marketing teams).

Some of the best elements about Tableau are its ability to use the power of your database to optimize query performance — and technically, it's one of the rare tools of its kind where you don't actually have to know how to code. Almost all the functionalities you could want are accessible through drag and drop — although you can integrate with programming languages like R or Python for data science.

This bundle includes three different courses:

Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Training

This course takes you from the basics of Tableau into more intermediate topics, preparing you for the Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Certification exam — a certification that will give you specialization in the tool's use and help your resume stand out for employability. Learn to develop different types of projects and reports in Tableau, visualize and present different types of data in an insightful manner, locate and clean messy data sets to show them more effectively and more.

Learn Tableau Desktop 9 from Scratch for Data Science

Start building data visualizations and dashboards from scratch in this accelerated course: walk through how to analyze, present, summarize and import data in meaningful ways.

Building Interactive Dashboards with Tableau

Visuals usually tend to impress an audience, but interactive visuals definitely up the ante. This course shows you how to use tactical dashboards for visualizations that can depict progress and increase dashboard interactivity by using Operational panels. You can create a display using Ad-hoc dashboards that let you keep an eye on specific areas of interest, and more.

Learn how to use this powerful and in-demand tool: usually, the Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop  Bundle is $235, but you can get it now for $21.

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