Love Salon, but hate the ads? Our new app has none

Yes, that means zero banner ads, pop-ups or pre-roll advertising on your favorite SalonTV content

Published March 12, 2018 12:27PM (EDT)

 (Getty Images/istockphoto)
(Getty Images/istockphoto)

Does this statement describe you? "I love Salon's award-winning journalism covering news, politics, entertainment and innovation, but I just don't like the ads."

You're not alone, and that's why we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the new Salon app. Now you can champion fiercely independent journalism and have a faster, content-rich and ad-free experience – all at the same time.

When you download the app, you'll continue to receive the freshest stories by Salon's editorial staff, acclaimed opinion contributors and journalism partners. What's more, you'll also unlock a library full of exclusive content that you can't read or watch on our website.

Among the most exclusive is a collection of award-winning long- and short-form documentaries. (The line-up is refreshed every single month by the Salon Films crew.) You'll also find originally-produced and curated podcasts and your favorite Salon TV series.

Bottom line: With the Salon app, you'll get an optimal reading, watching and listening experience that is also ad free. That means an environment free from banner ads, pop-ups and pre-roll advertising.

Get the Salon you love, plus exclusive articles and a rotating list of documentaries – all for the low price of $4.99. Download the new Salon app for iOS or Android now.

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