Save over 75% on this bundle of tactical adventure lights

Published March 15, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

When it's dark outside, it's essential to have a reliable light source to safely guide you through whatever situation you might be in. This Army Gear Ultimate LED Bundle is inspired by the gear used by the Special Forces, meaning they're durable enough to withstand anything you put them through.

Weatherproof, indestructible and armed with high-efficiency LED bulbs, this three-pack consisting of a tactical lantern, tactical light, and a headlamp is perfect for those moments you're stuck in the dark. Whether you're trying to get assistance by the side of the road, or just trying to navigate your way to your snacks at your campsite, you get visibility when it's most important

The lantern is collapsible and can be seen from a mile away, while the tactical light features five distinct modes that can produce either a wide floodlight or narrow spotlight, depending on your need. Then, there's the headlamp, which secures firmly around your head and helps light the way when you're pushing through dark terrain.

Be prepared for anything: this Army Gear Ultimate LED Bundle usually retails for $99.99, but you can get it now for $25, or 74% off. Plus, use coupon code: MADMARCH10 for an extra 10% off the sale price.

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