This record club sends you curated sounds on vinyl

Published March 15, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Call us old-fashioned, but listening to music in a digital format doesn't have the same charm as jamming out with a classic record, and while the Web is a wonderful place to discover new music, keeping tabs on trending artists is tough work. So, if you're interested in hearing the latest releases from modern artists and want to do so in a throwback format, check out this Vinyl Moon Record Club Subscription.

Featured on Billboard, Forbes, LA Weekly, Crosley Radio and Inverse, this subscription service sends you curated sounds from emerging artists on beautiful vinyl records. Subscribers get the latest volume of Vinyl Moon delivered to their door every month, with ten up-and-coming artists pressed to high-quality vinyl. The music sounds amazing coming from your turntable, and the gorgeous, custom-designed record jackets are cool enough to leave around as decoration.

You even get a booklet with lyrics to the songs, song art, and information about the artists (just in case they swing by your town to perform). Best of all, the hard work of researching the next breakout artist is already all done for you (and you get to keep the swag).

Musically adventurous subscribers also get member discounts and free shipping in the Vinyl Moon store. Usually, this one-month Vinyl Moon Record Club Subscription is $30, but you can get it now for $26.99. Plus, you can take an extra 10% off the sale price with coupon code: MADMARCH10.

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