"Saturday Night Live" is trying to make sense of the White House turmoil

"SNL" welcomes back some old administration favorites

By Jeremy Binckes
March 18, 2018 12:05PM (UTC)
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It's been a tough week for the White House human resources department. And "Saturday Night Live" is there to chronicle it.

With the dismissal of Andrew McCabe and Rex Tillerson in the same week, the legendary NBC program brought on some old stars to fill the roles of dearly departed staff members from President Donald Trump's White House — as well as one administration official still there.


First, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played by the always wonderful Kate McKinnon, explained the legal justification of firing Andrew McCabe, the deputy FBI Director: "Mr. McCabe was in clear violation, because of his lack of candor, whatever. I don't know, I can't even dance around it — Trump made me do it. McCabe, he saw too much."

But McKinnon's Sessions tried to justify himself. "I'm just a simple man who wanted to make things bad for immigrants, and now here I am taking away the pension of a Christian white. That ain't right!"

But McCabe's firing was just the capper on a week that started with the firing — announced over Twitter — of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. And the former chief diplomat was happy to get the weight of the world off his shoulders.


"These things happen," Tillerson, played by John Goodman, said. But Tillerson couldn't hide his feelings for long. "It's just crazy how one day you're the CEO of Exxon, a $50 billion company, and the next day, you get fired by a man who used to sell steaks in the mail."

But "Saturday Night Live" also brought back two individuals with less-than-stellar reputations, proving, if nothing else, there's always someone lurking in the shadows.

Can't see the video? Watch it here.

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