Jimmy Kimmel: White House needs adult diapers for leaks

"If you're wondering whether our president is crazy or just dumb, dumb just won another round"

By Charlie May
March 22, 2018 12:11PM (UTC)
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"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (ABC/Randy Holmes)

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel thinks it might be time for the White House to start wearing adult diapers in order to contain all of the leaks.

Kimmel poked fun at the president after he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin for his recent election victory, despite being specifically advised not to do so by his national security advisers. A note in Trump's briefing advised him "DO NOT CONGRATULATE," and he was furious to find out that it had been leaked to the press.


"The fact that we know he's mad about the leak is because someone leaked his reaction to the leak, which — it's a lot of leaks," Kimmel said. "It might be time for this White House to start wearing Depends."

The late-night comedian pointed out that some staffers in the White House believe the leak was a deliberate attempt to embarrass Trump, "as if he needs any help with that."

Trump also raged on Twitter about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the ongoing Russia investigation, but the tweet contained some notable spelling errors.


"The president’s nubby little fingers must’ve been going so fast, he made some mistakes," Kimmel joked.

Trump misspelled "special council" three times, but in the original tweet that was since deleted, Trump also wrote "wether," which he later corrected.

"If you're wondering whether our president is crazy or just dumb," Kimmel said, "dumb just won another round."


Kimmel continued, "I guess he wants to show his base that he won’t be swayed by a bunch of left-wing liberal dictionaries."

"But you'd think that by now the president of all people would be familiar with the term special counsel, since he's the special guy the counsel is focused on," the late-night host cracked. "I know a lot of people can't spell, but a lot of people aren't president."


But Kimmel pointed out the serious danger of having a president that struggles to spell, like if Trump got hungry and went to send a text, but accidentally tweeted, "Preparing to order LAUNCH. Maybe we'll get some Chinese!"

"We could wind up at war with China," Kimmel warned. "If only there was a program on our phones that told us when we misspelled something."

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