How to master the art of playing poker

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Published April 2, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

If you watched Molly's Game last year, then you may have been lured into the glamorous world of high-stakes poker — and while on film it can be an exclusive world, luckily for most of us, that's not the case in real life. This Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem course is based off Amazon's #1 best-selling poker book and will help you master the art of online poker, and No Limit Hold'em so you can start turning a profit off a fun hobby.

Poker follows simple mathematical concepts — and the ability to hold a cool countenance and keep a level head while you place your bets. This course teaches you how to play with greater nuance and strategy, so you can make profitable, lower-risk decisions that'll keep you in the game for the long run.

From developing a keen understanding of probability and odds, to quickly calculating what's in the pot, this course breaks down fundamental skills you should learn if you're serious about your game. You'll even learn how to use the expected value on and off the table to analyze your plays, and learn card combinations to enhance your card reading abilities further.

Get the confidence to go all in: usually, this Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem is $120, but you can get it now for $17, or 85% off.

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