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Published April 7, 2018 4:10PM (EDT)

There's a saying out there that great leaders are born — but actually, great leaders can be made. With the right experience and training, you can not only gain a position where you start to lead teams but develop the skills you need to execute initiatives and projects successfully. The Certified Learn to Lead Bundle includes two different courses focused on helping you develop strategies and techniques to get you noticed for managerial positions and motivate your team members to produce higher quality work.

The first course, "Learn 7 Ways to Ensure Exceptional Leadership," helps you cultivate leadership skills. It includes 21 lectures and 10.5 hours of content that you can access 24/7, including defining your leadership style based on your personality and thinking, and how to influence your team by assessing their different personality types. You'll learn to set and implement purpose-driven targets and keep those targets on track when you encounter challenges. Most importantly, you'll learn practical ways of changing behavior with consequence, reward and reinforcement strategies.

The second course, "Utilize the People Management Skills to Lead Successful Teams," will help you win that promotion you've been eyeing. It includes the refinement of practical skills, including how to differentiate business groups from working teams. You'll also learn how to streamline workflows and communicate more efficiently by identifying the roles and responsibilities of team members.

Finally, you'll develop new ways to track performance and hold team members accountable for their responsibilities, firmly rooted in effective time management. This course also shows you how you can supervise team meetings better, and conduct productive negotiations and decision-making, even under high pressure. You'll also improve team dynamics by applying problem-solving techniques to resolve conflicts and team dysfunction.

Whether you're a project manager or manager (aspiring or otherwise), you can learn valuable new skills to bolster your resume and career. Usually the Certified Learn to Lead Bundle is $398, but you can get it now for $19, or 95% off.

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