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Published April 11, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Understanding how to develop sophisticated presentations is certainly a valuable skill to have in any business — but realistically, who of us is the one who volunteers to make a time-sucking PowerPoint presentation? This lifetime subscription to Slidebean Premium lets you make professional-quality decks, especially if you don't have the technical acumen to use PowerPoint or the time.

With Slidebean, all you need is your content, and you can create beautiful presentations with a single click. There's a wide range of templates, high-end color schemes and a premium selection of fonts you can leverage — plus; you can change and edit your end product as many times as you like.

Collaborate efficiently with your team online, and share your presentations via any device. It's the perfect tool for marketers, salespeople and anyone else looking to convey their ideas impressively. You can even embed finished presentations on your website with a simple HTML script, and export the resulting PDF or PPT formats in minutes.

Turn your content into a gorgeous presentation: usually, this Slidebean Premium: Lifetime Subscription is $1,140, but you can get it now for $34.99, or 96% off.

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