Upgrade to these fast-drying, anti-microbial towels

By Salon Marketplace
Published April 19, 2018 10:00AM (EDT)

Nothing's worse than a damp, smelly towel — but that's something that can naturally happen to aging towels over time. It's all about the materials that your towel is made out of that determines how long they'll last, or how effectively they'll dry you off. These Montage Fast-Drying Bath Towels are made out of a special blend of materials that are specially made to dry fast, and counteract the development of mold or bacteria.

Made out of 100% stapled cotton, they're incredibly soft and very breathable, so while they do their job well (drying you off quickly), they're also pleasurable to use. You'll dry off faster than ever, and have less of a chance of growing mold or microscopic bacteria.

Add one of these towels to your bathing or swimming routine: usually, this two-pack of Montage Fast-Drying Bath Towels is $90, but you can get it now for $61.99.

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