How you can overcome your fear of public speaking

By Salon Marketplace
Published April 22, 2018 8:00AM (EDT)

Public speaking is a source of trepidation for most people — and for some, it's their greatest fear. But the ability to network with ease and communicate your ideas effectively lays down a foundation for not only your professional skills but your social net worth as well. This Instant Public Speaking Master Class develops essential public speaking skills so you can make an impression the next time you need to speak publicly with total confidence.

This course shows you how to instantly make connections, grow your social capital and network well. It starts with practical, technical skills: you'll learn key research skills, so you have important points to make each time, plus develop strategies to deal with any lingering fears of speaking publicly.

This course also shows you how to develop your voice, become a better listener and improve your presentation skills so that you improve everything from your interviewing skills to your presentation abilities. Developing your public speaking skills could be what broadens your social skills, emotional intelligence, and people skills, leading to your next promotion or a whole wealth of new opportunities.

Captivate your next audience: usually, this Instant Public Speaking Master Class is $297, but you can get it now for $23 — that's 92% off.

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