How to make sure your company is GDPR compliant

Published April 23, 2018 4:46PM (EDT)

Most major companies — Facebook, Google, and Twitter, included — use the data they collect from their users to drive the insights that improve their services. Otherwise, they take that data and sell it to a third party as advertising revenue. Recently, the EU passed a new regulation around this practice called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — and any company that works with the EU will need to be compliant with it. This General Data Protection Regulation Certification Course helps you understand how you can meet these regulations.

The new GDPR regulation requires that any company that does business either with or in the European Union or the European Economic Area to reveal all the data they plan to collect before they do so. And while that might be good for users, it can be a complicated thing for businesses to navigate.

Now, businesses must tell users what information they want to collect, and what their plans are for that personal data. Any company that fails to meet these requirements will be subject to hefty fines of up to €20 million. That's a disastrous fine for large companies, much less small to medium-sized businesses.

Familiarizing yourself with these changes and taking the proper action to ensure compliance could help prevent your company from incurring debilitating fines. Usually this General Data Protection Regulation Certification Course: Lifetime Access is $299, but you can get it now for $9.99, or 96% off.

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