Get more out of your iPad with this lap stand

Published May 2, 2018 7:30AM (EDT)

Tablet computers have many advantages: they’re portable, so you can read your e-books or watch movies on the go (or in bed), and they’re great for games and digital drawing. However, with nothing built into the tablet for it to balance on, you have to hold it the entire time you’re using it or prop it up MacGyver-style using pillows, books or whatever else you have on hand. Specially designed stands are essential for getting the best use out of your device, and the iRest Lap Stand is a cut above the competition.

Weighing a feather-like 15 ounces, the iRest Lap Stand has an appealing aluminum construction that perfectly matches an iPad. It’s adjustable, so you can place it at whatever angle you need, and it can comfortably rest in your lap or move to a tabletop with removable cushions. Your hands will be free to enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch TV or whip up a new recipe while you read instructions off your tablet, and the frame can switch from landscape to portrait in seconds.

The iRest Lap Stand is a beautiful addition to your digital accessories. Get the most out of your tablet without sacrificing comfort or style for $39.99 (19% off the retail price).

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